Do you really need to put your heart & soul into every single workout?


So long story short NO, you don’t.

It all comes down to being consistent & being consistent is a good skill to have. The ability to keep pursuing an end goal no matter how you are feeling physically & mentally.

Your workouts can change from session to session whether its your intensity or your training volume? There are very few days when you’re ¬†feeling amazing walking into the gym (but if you do i suggest you use them days wisely and move some heavy weight & give yourself a bad ass conditioning circuit), I am here to tell you that going into the gym & doing 5 x 5 squats & 3 x 10 RDLS @ 50% intensity or doing 30minute 40-60% bike ride is okay & maybe highly beneficially for motivation & even recovery. ¬†Working out at 100% every session usually leads to a drop in motivation or even injury which are both detrimental to results.

My goal at BA Fitness is to keep you coming to the gym at least 2-4 times a week, having 5 active days a week (walking, running & even cleaning) and eating a good sustainable diet which is high in protein (5:2 day ratio) for a time period of at least 1 year & i can guarantee that you will have amazing results by the end. We would ask our clients to give us everything (90-100% intensity) in at least 2 of there sessions but if they feel fit & ready to go for a 3rd session then that is down to them & how hard they push themselves.

It all comes down to listening to your body,

Do you feel great? Go as hard as your body can handle, 90-100% intensity.

Not feeling great but okay? Lift some lighter weights or lower the reps and maybe drop your intensity 60-80%

Not feeling great at all? REST!! There’s always the next day or week. If you don’t rest when you’re feeling under the weather or fatigued it will not improve and will probably even get worse, trust me you will miss a lot more training if you don’t.


Don’t walk into the gym thinking you have to be perfect & work extra hard while you’re there. Lack of motivation? Pick 3 of your favourite compound exercises (an exercise that uses more than 1 muscle group) pick a rep range you like e.g 1-7 Reps, 8-12 Reps or 12-20+ and do them for 3 rounds each exercise with plenty of rest in-between.

Guess what? Even if you go into the gym and do a 30 minute recovery bike ride you are still a 30 Minute recovery bike ride better than you were this morning.